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These days, we’re facing one of the most pressing health threats in modern time. People simply don’t get enough sleep. 

Between endless screen time robbing us of much-needed slumber, the demands of work and family, self-medicating with caffeine and energy drinks, and of course navigating the complex waters of a global pandemic, it’s no wonder so many people are sleep-deprived.

Here at Siestio, our highly professional staff study the science of sleep, and provide a firm grasp on the finer points of how sleep works for each individual. 

As our CEO and leader of our medical department, Dr. Dora Kramer has the academic background and experience in helping people achieve optimum health through her medical practice. 

It’s been her lifelong passion to be a caring messenger who brings people the tools they need to overcome all manner of health-related problems. Gently delivering the knowledge in a kind and easy-to-understand language.

With Siestio, Dora has taken her passion for helping people overcome sleep deprivation issues to new heights in a number of ways. 

The team at Siestio

Siestio has assembled a team of medical and editorial professionals who have spent countless hours studying sleep patterns, sleep cycles, and the sleep routines of a wide variety of people. We have an extensive knowledge of how sleep works! 

We are deeply involved in how different sleep schedules affect different people, and how to help people get restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Whether you’re a solid 8-hour sleeper or a person who prefers 6 hours at night with a couple of catnaps during the day. Or, if you have a partner who snores or you can’t get a comfortable night’s sleep using your current pillow, we can help you get the most out of your sleep.

We draw on extensive knowledge to  continuously test all manner of sleep products. From high-tech to high touch — including the latest sleep gadgets and devices, to pillows, sheets, blankets and more. 

The team at Siestio is uniquely positioned to guide you through the worst bout of insomnia. We’ll help you discover a better rested, healthier and happier version of you.

Siestio is a one-stop shot for insomnia help

Our team of in-house staff and contributors are all people who have experienced sleep issues themselves. We therefore provide useful information for the sleep-deprived from a personal and empathetic angle.

And as the chief medical expert on our staff, Dora Kramer applies her 15 years of experience in evidence-based medicine as well as her years of work in the psychiatric field to supervise and vet all of our content for accuracy and usefulness. 

Whether you’re looking for articles on what pillow is best for side-sleepers or how to manage snoring, we’ve got easy-to-understand, accurate and science-based info at your fingertips. 

Visit Siestio for information on

General sleep information 
We’re constantly publishing new articles on sleep, including pieces on the different kinds of sleep, what happens to your physical and mental health when you’re sleep-deprived, and how you can recover from a long night of no sleep.

Sleep disorders 
We’ll help you understand common and not-so-common sleep disorders like sleep-walking, talking in your sleep, and night terrors.

Sleep treatments 
What is melatonin and what does it do over the long term? Can herbal tea help you sleep? How about a glass of warm milk?

Learn tested methods for giving yourself the best opportunity for a good night’s sleep by establishing a healthy routine that fits your lifestyle.

We always link to peer-reviewed studies and offer guides to all aspects of dealing with sleep-related issues. 

Product reviews 
We’ll also partner with safe, top-rated, tested, and vetted products that can help you reach your personal sleep goals.

Join the Siestio community

Check in with us often to stay on top of the latest in the science of sleep, and to learn about new innovations our medical and design teams have encountered. 

Also, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to see an article on a particular topic. If you want some personal advice from a member of our medical staff, don’t hesitate to say hi and check in.

We want to be a part of your sleep routine, and offer an attentive, sympathetic space to help you achieve the best sleep possible.

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    Siestio is an evidence-based resource dedicated to sleep and wellbeing. Whether you’re affected directly or indirectly by sleep issues, we’re here to help. Because we believe sleep matters.

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