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Wellue O2Ring Review: Clinical Oxygen Tracking

Clinical oxygen tracking

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Welcome to our review of the Wellue O2Ring.

Monitoring your O2 level can be an important task if you’re concerned about snoring, sleep apnea, and other issues. Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have the option to go to sleep with tracking systems attached to us every night.

The good news is Wellue may have found a solution.

The Wellue O2Ring from Viatom Technology is a straightforward breath and sleep-tracking solution. The ring tracks when your heart rate is too high or low and examines your O2 intake. The included app provides a host of health insights you can even save and share with your doctor.

Read through our Wellue O2Ring review to learn more.

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Wellue O2Ring: Design

The Wellue O2Ring is a simple device at first glance.

An alternative to the medical oximeters at the doctor’s office that clip to your finger to measure O2, the Wellue O2Ring slips easily on your thumb (or a finger). On the top of the device, there’s a touch button and display to show your blood oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and the time.

The patented smart ring comes with a grippy inside so it’s less likely to fall off your finger while you sleep. The padding is comfortable enough to wear, and there’s nothing to cut off your circulation or cause discomfort. At the same time, the ring is tight enough to collect readings seamlessly in the background.

The display does turn off automatically, so you don’t need to worry about excess light. However, you can tap the screen in the dark to see it whenever you want to.

Wellue O2Ring: Features

The Wellue oxygen monitor is a simple, but effective oximeter, capable of recording your oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. With the Wellue oximeter, you’ll get a full view of your oxygen saturation levels as you sleep, and whether there are any issues you need to be aware of.

The most valuable part of the O2Ring is the app with it. You can download the app for free, and access a dated time range of recorded sessions, alongside an O2 score, and insights into the number of oxygen level issues. Session data records automatically.

Features include:

  • Soft, comfortable, and lightweight ring design
  • Professional app with reporting features
  • Abnormal data marking
  • Unlimited storage in the app
  • 10 hours of data
  • Rechargeable with 16-hour battery life
  • Simple graph content
  • Integration with Apple health
  • Vibrating alarm

Wellue O2Ring: Performance

You don’t need to be a medical professional to benefit from the Wellue O2Ring. This easy-to-use device just slips on your finger and connects straight to your smartphone. You can track your oxygen and heart rates constantly and zoom in and out on graph sections.

Every second, the ring oxygen monitor records your details, covering heart rate, movement, and oxygen saturation. You can store up to 10 hours of information at once, share unlimited reports online, and integrate with Apple Health.

If you have any concerns about your recordings, it’s easy to send them to your doctor.

Within the settings section of the app, you can customize things like the vibration, to let you know if your oxygen level drops too low. You can also arrange for your data to automatically upload to another app.

The device gives you a lot of easy-to-understand information, including insights into how many O2 drops you’ve had. However, there aren’t any insights into what this information might mean. You don’t get any professional or medical advice here.

Instead, you’ll need to share your findings with your doctor to learn more.

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Wellue O2Ring: Bonus benefits

The rechargeable battery on the Wellue O2Ring lasts for up to 16 hours, so you don’t necessarily need to charge it every day – though that’s probably a good idea. The built-in memory works together with the app and you can collect information on the things which matter most to you.

The oxygen monitor level comes with the option to set a silent vibration alarm which wakes you just enough to encourage you to change position. This could be an important investment in someone suffering with sleep apnea and similar conditions.

You can adjust your vibration levels and choose from 5 different settings, so it’s up to you how much the alarm nudges you awake.

Wellue O2Ring: Verdict

If you’re concerned about sleep apnea, or your current condition means you need to keep an eye on your oxygen levels, the Wellue O2Ring is a great investment. This simple but effective device will slip onto your finger comfortably, and record data all night long.

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing it when you need to doze off.

We liked having so many insights available on the app into things like how often you moved, when your oxygen level dropped, and if your heart rate changed. However, there aren’t a lot of extra sleep tracking features if you need to learn more.

You also don’t get any advice on how to recognize problems with your O2 levels and sleep.

Wellue O2Ring 1
Sound quality
Easy to use design with a great app
Fantastic reports you can zoom in on
Silent alarm to trigger you to change positions
Convenient exporting to share reports with your doctor
Comfortable enough you’ll forget you’re wearing it
Medical grade technology
Slightly limited battery life
Not much guidance on which readings are important
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