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Avantek White Noise Machine Review: Soothe Yourself To Sleep

Soothe yourself to sleep with white noise

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In this Avantek white noise machine review, we aim to explore one of the highest-rated sound machines on the market.

White noise machines are a great way to improve your chances of a good night’s sleep, if you’re usually distracted by sounds around your bedroom.

We’ve conducted a few sleep machine reviews here at Siestio, so when the opportunity arose to check out the Avantek sound machine, we jumped at it.

This product promises a simple solution for getting a good night’s sleep, with no less than 20 non-looping and soothing sounds to relax your mind. There are 7 timer settings, 30 levels of volume, and a host of features to explore.

Read on for your full insight into the Avantek white noise and sound machine.

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Avantek white noise machine: Design

White noise machines, like the LectroFan Evo, and similar devices, aren’t usually made with aesthetics in mind. The Avantek noise and sound machine is a simple, but effective machine. It’s not going to win any awards for design, but it doesn’t look terrible either.

The device is a simple box shape with rounded edges. You’ll find a few buttons on the top where you can set timers, fast-forward through sounds, and adjust the volume. As an extra bonus, the Avantek white noise machine is surprisingly small and lightweight.

If you’re looking for a sleep device you can carry with you when you’re travelling, this could be an ideal choice.  

Avantek white noise machine: Features

The Avantek white noise and sound machine is a simple product equipped with 20 soothing sounds to listen to. You’ll get 6 fan sounds, 6 types of white noise, and 8 nature sounds.

With so many choices, it’s easy to find something which soothes you to sleep, whether you’re a fan of white noise, rain, or soft ocean waves.

Intended to block out less appealing sounds stopping you from falling asleep, the Avantek noise machine has a variety of volume levels to choose from.

You also get a timer function, which allows you to run the machine for between 1 and 7 hours. When your time runs out, the music or sound fades out gently.

Features include:

  • FCC, CE, and RoHS approved
  • 20 soothing sounds to choose from
  • Excellent sound quality
  • 30 levels of volume
  • Memory and timer function
  • USB cable included
  • Compact enough for travel

Avantek white noise machine: Performance

During our Aventek white noise machine review, we were pleased to discover this device is actually a solid speaker. The high-resolution sound comes with various certifications to prove its value.

You can enjoy maximum volumes up to 115 decibels, so people hard of hearing can still enjoy the sounds. All the noises offered are crisp and realistic too.

Unlike other white noise machines, the Avantek device doesn’t loop the same sound over and over. You get a peaceful, natural experience you can listen to for hours.

The ability to skip back and forth between different soundscapes is a nice touch too. However, we would have preferred having the option to connect our phones and control everything from an app.

For travel purposes, the Avantek white noise machine is a great investment. It’s compact enough to fit neatly into your carry-on luggage, and the device comes with adapters for easy charging on the move too. We can definitely see ourselves taking the machine on a trip.

The timed feature is an ideal way to soothe yourself to sleep without having to remember to switch your device off.

You can set your time for a range of lengths, and we love the way it naturally fades the sound at the end of a session. If you do want to shut the sound off instantly, the button on the top of the unit makes this simple too.

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Avantek white noise machine: Verdict

Compared to other white noise and sound machines on the market, the Avantek device may seem a little basic. There aren’t many advanced features to explore, like Bluetooth connectivity or the ability to control your product via an app. You also won’t get any fancy functions like smart assistant access here either.

However, if you’re looking for some simple sound therapy to soothe you to sleep, and you want a device that’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use, this could be it.

The Avantek is a reliable device you can take wherever you go. The sturdy construction and attractive design give you the freedom to throw the device in a backpack for any weekend trip. When you’re at home, the product sits comfortably on a bedside table with no issues.

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Sound quality
Portable and lightweight design for travel
Well-built construction to stand the test of time
Timer functionality with fade-out feature
Easy to use with tactile buttons
Highly adjustable volume
Highly adjustable volume
Highly adjustable volume
Highly adjustable volume
Removable cord for easy disassembly and travel
No advanced features
Charging cord placement is in an odd place
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