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Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask Review: An Adaptable Modern Sleep Mask

An adaptable modern sleep mask

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In this Tempur-Pedic sleep mask review, we’re going to determine whether a memory-foam sleep mask is a snoozing revolution, or just another over-indulgence.

Sleep masks are valuable tools for people who often get distracted by a lot of light outside, or the blinking LEDs on their smartphone charger.

According to some studies, sleep masks can even support deeper, more valuable sleep. Eye masks improve REM time (dream-based sleep), elevate levels of melatonin, and reduce REM latency.

The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is a luxury choice for anyone keen to discover the benefits of sleep masks for themselves. Read our full Tempur sleep mask review to learn more.

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Tempur-Pedic sleep mask: Design

When we first heard of the Tempur sleep mask, we were sceptical.

Though we know sleep masks can make a genuine difference to sleep quality, it’s hard to truly see the benefits of a luxurious memory foam mask which costs almost $30.

The Tempur sleep mask is a lightweight product, with a slim design (perfect for travel), and a dark blue finish.

The material on the outside of the mask is a dark navy blue to help ensure a total blackout experience. Fortunately, the fabric is extra soft, so it feels amazing against your face.

Thanks to an adjustable strap, you can change the fit of your sleep mask to suit the size of your head. This reduces the risk of the fabric pressing too firmly into your eyes.

We found the fit pretty comfortable overall, though the Velcro closure may get stuck in your hair if you’re not careful.

Tempur-Pedic sleep mask: Features

The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is designed, just like any Tempur-Pedic product, to deliver sensational quality through a comfortable, reliable performance.

The inside of the mask is filled with pioneering Tempur material, which means the mask contours to the shape of your face.

Although a memory-foam style mask might seem a little indulgent at first, it actually serves various purposes.

First, the signature temperature material is cool, compact, and ideal for people who often struggle with masks cutting into their face or cheekbones.

The contouring qualities of the Tempur mask mean you get the perfect blackout sleeping experience, without discomfort, itching, or lines on your skin. Features include:

  • Extra soft velvety material
  • Tempur filling to contour to your face
  • Adjustable strap for the best fit all night
  • Lightweight enough for travel
  • Adaptive performance (returns to its original shape)
  • Complete blackout performance

Tempur-Pedic sleep mask: Performance

Far more than just another sleep accessory, the Tempur-Pedic eye mask moulds to your face for a comfortable fit, and total darkness.

The unique design ensures you don’t have to wake up with the sunrise each morning, just because your rooms too bright.

Comfortable and reliable, the Velcro straps hold the mask snuggly in place while you snooze. We also found the strap was large enough to accommodate larger heads.

After you wrap the mask around your face, there’s a brief moment when the Tempur material adapts to the contours in your cheeks.

For a second, you might just notice a little bit of light seeping in from around your nose and temples, but the Tempur mask quickly banishes that too. It feels a lot like sinking into a memory foam mattress – but in eye pillow form.

The plush padding also makes it easy to sleep comfortably in any position. You don’t have to lie on your back to avoid having the material dig into your cheek.

Rolling onto your side means the foam will adapt to reduce any pressure as soon as it appears.

One significant bonus of the Tempur sleep mask, is it’s great for people who want to stay cool. If you’re the kind of person who always seeks out the colder side of the pillow, the Tempur-Pedic eye pillow is the perfect purchase for you.

It stays surprisingly cool all night long, even if (like our reviewers), you’re a hot sleeper.

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Tempur-Pedic sleep mask: Bonus benefits

Aside from consistent comfort after hours of use, the Tempur sleep mask also has a few additional benefits to offer. Unlike most standard masks, this product’s extra-soft cover ensures it doesn’t leave any embarrassing lines or creases on your face.

If you’re trying to protect yourself against premature wrinkles, then the Tempur mask shouldn’t have a negative impact on your efforts.

The lightweight mask is also fantastic for travel. It won’t make a dent in your carry-on allowance, so you can easily take it wherever you go. The mask is even foldable, despite a rather thick amount of cushioning. We could easily fit it into a coat pocket.

Tempur-Pedic sleep mask: Verdict

There are definitely cheaper, thinner, and less luxurious sleep masks out there.

There are even a few more high-tech options, like the Naptime mask.

The Tempur-Pedic eye mask feels like an investment in incredible rest and relaxation. If you’re tired of fiddling with masks which don’t feel comfortable, or you’re always waking up with pesky lines on your face, you could probably benefit from a mask like this.

Combined with a set of earplugs, the full blackout capabilities of the mask make it the ideal way to forget the outside world while you snooze.

Plus, the extra soft material is wonderful for your skin. Just remember to carefully wash your mask every once in a while, to avoid sweaty smells.

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask 1
Sound quality
Extra soft material protects your skin and prevents lines
Perfect for travel with a foldable design
Contouring material for a complete blackout
Looks and feels extremely luxurious
Velcro strap fits most head sizes
Velcro can get caught in your hair
The mask can absorb sweat quite easily (wash it regularly)
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