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Dreem Headband Review

Dreem Headband review: Sweet dreams are made of this?

Should you try the Dreem Headband?

Release Date
April 2019

If you’re one of the countless people who suffers with a sleep disorder, you’re probably willing to test any new technology on the market that might eradicate your insomnia.

You may even be willing to wear a high-tech Headband to bed each night.

The Dreem Headband is a pioneering solution from French company “Dreem,” intended to help you overcome your exhaustion once and for all. 

Dreem believes that it can cure the issue of insomnia by helping people to relax and unwind at night, tracking their sleeping patterns, and delivering personalised suggestions on how to enhance your slumber.

The question is, is Dreem really all it’s cracked up to be?

Read through our Dreem Headband review to find out…

Dreem Band review: Design

TheThe Dreem Headband is basically a minimalist helmet that you wear in bed to track your sleeping patterns.

The band stimulates your brain during your deep sleep stages using pink noise. According to scientific research, this could improve your chances of waking up more refreshed the next day. 

The Dreem sleep Headband also contains five EEG sensors that monitor your brainwaves, as well as a heart-rate sensor, an accelerometer and a bone-conduction speaker system. Weighing just four ounces, it’s not going to make you feel glued to your cushion at night.

Additionally, the complex system is wrapped up in plush and cosy fabric to make it as comfortable as possible to wear.

Comfort is a big factor in the Dreem Headband design. After all, if you’re going to be wearing something all night, it needs to be as cosy as possible.

The Dreem CEO remade the Headband time and time again to find the most lightweight and non-obstructive way of analysing your sleep. Of course, finding the perfect design wasn’t easy.

The company needed to figure out how to create something that fits everyone’s head, while stuffing a lot of high-tech devices into the same space.

No matter how delightfully soft the Dreem Headband might be, you may still feel uncomfortable wearing it to bed.

Dreem Headband Review

Dreem Band review: Performance

The Dreem sleep Headband does two things. First, it helps you fall asleep and get a better quality of rest. Secondly, it tracks your sleeping patterns to give you a better insight into what’s causing your common sleep issues.

To make the most of your Dreem experience, you’re going to need to set up the second part of the Dreem Headband — the accompanying app.

Setting up and pairing your Headband to the app is simple enough. However, it would have been better if Dreem had included a few more in-depth instructions with the companion app.

Because the headset doesn’t connect directly with the app on your phone during the night, however, you don’t have any Bluetooth or wi-fi signals zapping into your skull when you sleep.

Instead, when you’re finished using your Headband each night, you can upload all of the information that the system has collected about your head movement, brain activity, and heart rate to the Dreem Coach.

The Dreem Coach app will also ask you a few basic questions about your quality of sleep.

Over seven days, the Dreem Coach will combine your biometric data with your survey answers to create an in-depth report for you to use when you’re talking to your doctor about your sleep issues.

Dreem Band review: Dreem techniques

The Dreem Coach app isn’t just there to help you understand your sleeping patterns either. As we discovered during our Dreem Headband review, the app also comes with a suite of programs called Dreem “Techniques.”

These programs help you to set yourself up for a better night’s rest using things like the “nap” setting for more constructive sleeping during the day, or “relax” to help you settle down at night. Each of these options comes with additional parameters to access too.

The “Sleep Program” is probably the most common Dreem technique you’re going to use.

This option includes onset relaxation programs, to help you drift off to a good slumber, as well as a smart alarm that wakes you up after you’ve completed a full sleep cycle as often as possible.

In the morning, the Dreem Headband uploads your data to your cloud servers for processing, where it joins the rest of the information gathered during your naps and other moments using the band.

Whenever you want to learn more about how well you sleep, you can jump into the Quality and Metrics tabs on your Dreem Coach app to track your progress and get suggestions on how to enhance your sleep quality too.

Dreem Headband Review

Dreem Band review: Soothing sounds

The Dreem Headband does a lot more than just track your vitals. It also helps you to drift off to sleep using pink noise at specific intervals in your cycle. Interestingly, the sounds aren’t just delivered via headphones — although you can add headphones if you want to.

Instead, the Dreem sleep Headband delivers those soothing sounds using something called bone conduction technology. The sound goes through your skull and bones, so you don’t have to worry about the feeling of your earbuds keeping you awake.

Although there are plenty of headphones out there that have been designed specifically for use when sleeping, some people simply can’t cope with the idea of sleeping with something in their ear canal.

The Dreem sleep Headband is ideal for those individuals. You just need to get over the weirdness of being able to hear something through bone conductivity, rather than listening through a set of headphones.

Dreem Band review: Battery life

One possible downside of the Dreem Headband is that it only lasts for a single night. You’ll need to re-charge your device every morning to keep it working properly. However, that’s not really any different to charging your phone every day — so it shouldn’t bother most people.

Additionally, the daily charging routine helps you to get into a better daily routine, and it makes sure that you keep on top of checking your daily sleep data too. You can get an update on how your adjustments to your sleep hygiene strategies are paying off first thing every morning.

Dreem Headband review: Verdict

So, should you try the Dreem Headband?

Well, if you’re a tech enthusiast who likes the idea of being able to learn a lot more about how you sleep, then you’re likely to love this tool.

It’s a bizarre piece of tech, and it’s going to take some time to get to used to wearing it when you go to bed — but studies seem to indicate that it is effective at helping to track your sleeping patterns, and even improve your quality of rest.

You just need to decide if you can afford a piece of technology like this, and whether you can sleep while wearing something on your head.

Dreem Headband Review
Battery life
Accurate reports and insights
Helpful relaxation techniques
Intelligent alarm functions
Unique design for lightweight performance
Suitable for most sleepers
Difficult to get used to wearing it
You may prefer using headphones to using bone conductivity

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