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Sleep Chairs

Finding the perfect sleep chair: The ultimate alternative to your bed

We’ve all done it. 

Snuggled up into our recliners after a long day of work, kicked our feet up, and watched Netflix until we eventually nodded off. Recliners are specifically designed to give you that weightless level of comfort that you get when you’re getting ready to snooze in bed. 

However, they’re not always the best place to get a good night’s rest. Many of these products are designed to only partially recline, so you get a good level of comfort, but you won’t necessarily get adequate support for your spine. 

Of course, there’s a big difference between a recliner, and a sleep chair specifically designed to perfect your slumber. The perfect sleep chair is a piece of furniture intended for people who have mobility issues. 

Elderly individuals who can easily fall asleep in front of the TV and those with back or joint problems may prefer the option to transform their chair into a bed when they don’t have the energy to go to bed. 

With a sleep chair recliner, all you need to do is press a button on a remote, and your chair will automatically re-share itself to become the ideal bed.

 In some cases, these products can actually have more benefits to offer people with back pain and spine alignment issues, because you can determine just how flat you want your new sleeping space to be. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most comfortable folding sleep chairs on the market today.

Sleep Chairs

1. The perfect sleep chair

It’s hard to search for the ultimate chair to sleep in, without discussing one of the market leaders in the world today. The perfect sleep chair is designed to provide an entirely new level of comfort for today’s mobility-challenged individuals. 

In fact, the experience is so luxurious, that you might find that you prefer to use this sleep chair over your bed — even if you have absolutely no trouble slumping up the stairs each night. 

The perfect sleep chair is tailored to deliver a restful sleep, with a full recline mode that takes you down to a completely flat position — just like you’d get in your bed. Unlike your standard mattress, however, this chair also comes with therapeutic heat and massage functions, ideal for dealing with joint, muscle and back pain. 

It’s great for afternoon naps, nightly snoozes, and more. 

Additionally, like most sleep and lift chairs, this product comes with a handy option to angle your seat forward when you need assistance getting up. This makes life much easier for those with knee problems. 

Features include:

  • Customizable heat and massage
  • Easy to use controller
  • Lift and recline
  • Multiple positions to choose from, including zero gravity
  • Range of colour and material options
  • Hand-stitched and hand-sewn
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Unfortunately, if you’ve come to this review in search of more information about the perfect sleep chair, and you’re living in the UK, then you’re out of luck. This particular piece of furniture is only available in the US. 

Additionally, it’s not for sale on any leading merchant websites — you can only get it directly from the Perfect Sleep website. Still, we thought this product would offer a good baseline for your research. 


  • Lift and full recline functions
  • Range of high-quality materials throughout
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Suits your sense of style
  • Massage and heat functions


  • Only available in America
  • No Amazon purchase option
  • Quite expensive
Sleep Chairs

2. More4Homes Caesar

Don’t worry if you’re not in the US. There are still plenty of alternative sleep chair recliners to choose from to complement your strategy for a better night’s rest. 

For instance, over here in the UK, the More4Homes brand is particularly fantastic at offering furniture to suit a range of needs, including those who want to sleep in their armchair. 

The Caesar chair from More4Homes is a ten-in-one device that offers you the option to do everything from swivelling, to reclining, and even gently rocking to and fro. You can even use this device as a sensational nursing chair, with a heated seat that provides you with extra comfort during the winter months. 

The chair comes with a handy drink holder, so you don’t have to stretch to put your beverage on a side table. There are also pockets included for your newspapers, books, tablets, or knitting. 

Like most chairs to sleep in, the Caesar comes in a selection of colours to suit your home. However, it is a little pricey, at around £240. 

On the plus side, that price tag comes with features like:

  • Heat and massage functions
  • Easy full recline
  • State-of-the-art materials throughout
  • Drinks holder and newspaper section
  • Rock, swivel, and recline
  • Range of colour options

If you’re looking for the perfect sleep chair, but you’re not in need of a full lift and raise option just yet, then the Caesar could be the perfect option. At first glance, it looks just like another leather recliner, with a few extra features for comfort. 

However, this device is also a perfect alternative to a bed when you need to snooze without dragging yourself up the stairs. 


  • Fantastic heat and massage options
  • Relaxing rocking function
  • Helpful pockets and sections for storing drinks
  • Range of colour options
  • Cosy and spacious


  • Quite expensive — even the delivery is costly
  • Takes a bit of effort putting the parts together
  • Little bit bouncier than some chairs
Sleep Chairs

3. Weston dual-motor sleep chair recliner

Another excellent option for anyone in search of a new way to overcome problems with sleep deprivation. 

The Elite Care Weston is a dual-motor faux leather rise and recline chair that comes in a range of colours to suit your sense of style. 

Designed to be the ideal folding sleep chair, this product fully reclines until it’s completely flat, giving you the perfect surface where you can stretch out your spine as you enjoy your afternoon nap. 

Like the other products that we’ve covered so far, the Weston comes with access to high-quality materials throughout, so you know that you’re making an investment in a tool that lasts. 

Additionally, this particular chair comes with excellent customer service too. 

For a price of around £380, you get free delivery from a two-man team who will come and install your new sleep chair into the room of your choice. You even get handy updates throughout the delivery process

The Elite Care Weston also has a dual motor function, which means that you can operate the backrest and the footrest separately, to find your perfect snoozing position. 

Features include:

  • High-quality materials throughout
  • Dual motor function for complete position control
  • Excellent customer service with professional set-up
  • Pocket for storing books on each side of the chair
  • Raises to standing position so you don’t have to struggle to get up
  • Easy to use handset
  • Wheels for movability

The Weston is an easy-to-use and attractive sleep chair that gives today’s snoozers the option to control exactly which position they want to be in for a good night’s sleep. It can handle up to 20 stone — making it one of the stronger recliners on the market too. 

Although this product is quite expensive, it does come with the benefit of extra customer support, which can be helpful for those with limited strength and motion. 


  • Range of colours to choose from
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Dual motor function for better control
  • Pockets for storage 
  • Easy-to-use


  • Quite expensive
  • Takes a while to “break the chair in”
  • Little bit small for shorter people
Sleep Chairs

4. Tetbury electric riser sleep chair

The Tetbury is another electric riser from Elite Care, intended for people who prefer the feeling of comforting fabric to PU leather. 

It features much of the same functions as the Weston that we covered above. However, with the Tetbury, you only get a single motor function. That means that you’ll extend the footrest and recline the back of the chair at the same time when you press the right button. 

Although you don’t get as much control over your sleep chair experience with the Tetbury, you do get a much simpler solution for people who want the comfort of being able to sleep in their armchair, without learning how to use a lot of complicated controls. 

The 2 button handset is simple enough for anyone. What’s more, the soft plush design is a lot easier to sink into than the materials of the faux leather chairs offered by Elite Care.

Available for a price of just under £400, with free delivery available, the Tetbury also comes with the sensational customer care that you’d expect from this brand, including professional installation. 

Features include:

  • 2 colours to choose from
  • Basic 2-button handset for easy use
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Lift and recline functions
  • Extra-padded backrest
  • Fantastic customer service with professional installation
  • Cosy fabric finish

Once again, the Tetbury isn’t the cheapest sleep chair recliner and lift product that we’ve seen on the market. However, you do get a lot of comfort and functionality of the price you pay. 

There’s even a handy pocket in the side of the chair where you can store your remote when you’re not using it or any books that you’ve been reading as you drift to sleep. 


  • Simple two-button control
  • Stain resistant fabric
  • Fantastic customer service and delivery
  • Full recline and lift modes
  • Pocket for remote storage


  • Motor can fail in some cases
  • Quite heavy and difficult to move
  • Relatively expensive
Sleep Chairs

5. Hainworth dual motor

Another excellent option for those in search of the sleep chair of their dreams, this Hainworth Dual Motor from EliteCare combines the convenience of a recliner with a sensational lifting armchair. 

This is a product that’s designed to be comfortable for all-day use, with plenty of extra padding throughout. At the same time, the faux leather upholstered chair has an easy-to-use remote that can take you all the way back into a fully-flat position or lift you up when you need help standing. 

With an impressively quite and smooth operation, the Hainworth is excellent for anyone who needs help dealing with anything from arthritis to circulation problems, or any other problem affecting mobility. 

Available in 3 different colours, this product comes with heat and massage included as standard, to help you drift off to sleep without worrying about any of the pain or discomfort that has built up around your joints during the day. 

A night in this incredible chair could help you to overcome your pain-based nightmares once and for all. 

For a price of just under £550, you’ll get:

  • Easy-to-use 4 button remote
  • Support from a 2-man delivery team for installation
  • Range of colours to choose from
  • Firm seat and supportive backrest
  • Separate control for the 8-point vibration massager
  • Heat and massage customisation
  • Free shipping
  • Lift mode to help you stand up

The best thing about this particular product from EliteCare is the fact that you can have more advanced control over your massage experience. If the thing that often stops you from getting to sleep is pain in your pack or joints, the soothing heat matched with the 8-point massage function will help you to carefully ease the pain as you snooze. 

Unfortunately, like some of the other EliteCare sleep chairs, this product might not be ideal for taller users who need foot elevation. 


  • Complete massage customisation
  • Heat included as standard
  • Excellent delivery and installation service
  • Easy-to-use handset controls
  • Range of colour options


  • More expensive than alternatives
  • Not big enough for taller people
Sleep Chairs

6. Pride C1 petite riser

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the perfect sleep chair. The ideal option for you may be something that’s specifically designed to give petite individuals a warm and comfortable way to snooze through the afternoon. 

That’s exactly what you get from the Pride C1 dual-motor electric riser from Pride Mobility

The Pride Mobility team has followed the lead of the Elite Care brand by offering sensational service for their customers, with a two-man team available to come and install your chair into any room of your choice. 

Additionally, this petite model is particularly well-suited to the smaller user, with a fantastic waterfall backrest with easy reclining and rising action. 

The easy-to-use handset is quick and simple to get used to. Additionally, there’s a USB port included in the remote, so that you can charge your tablet or smartphone while you sleep. 

With a price tag of a little under £600, the Pride C1 is one of the more expensive options that we’ve covered on our list of sleep chair reviews — but it’s also one of the most comfortable. 

Features include:

  • Dual motor recliner function, for custom control
  • Ideal measurements for smaller people
  • Two-man delivery and installation team
  • Excellent extended footrest
  • Easy-to-use remote
  • A USB port for charging your phone
  • Comfortable materials throughout

If you find the standard rise and recline sleep chairs to be too big and bulky for your needs, then this petite option could be ideal for a more compact home. For the smaller user, this device will offer all the comfort that you need from the perfect sleep chair, without the extra weight of space consumption. 

However, it’s definitely not going to be enough for a larger user. 


  • Fantastic design for smaller users
  • Comfortable, high-quality materials
  • Great, easy-to-use remote
  • Handy charging function
  • Wonderful delivery and installation service


  • An expensive option
  • Not for tall people
Sleep Chairs

7. Morris living sleep chair

If you’re looking for something simple, comfortable, and convenient from your perfect sleep chair, then the Morris Living could be just the investment for you. 

Designed to offer the perfect chair to sleep in, this single motor device promises a smooth recline and rise action. This product may only be available in a handful of colour options, but you’re sure to find something that suits your living room. 

Like most of the sleep chair recliners that we’ve looked at so far, this product just looks like a standard chair at first glance, with a reliable and sturdy frame, and plenty of padding. 

However, there’s an electric remote included in the pocket on the side of your chair that will allow you to control your recline or lift functions. The chair reclines almost until it’s entirely flat, and it can help you to get up when you’re done with your nap too. 

For a little under £450, you’ll have features like:

  • High-quality, sturdy frame
  • Single electric motor
  • Easy-to-use two-button remote control
  • Wide range of fabric colours
  • Extremely comfortable design
  • USB device charging port

The Oxford also comes with a port where you can charge up your smartphone or other devices so that you don’t need to worry about your tech losing juice while you sleep. 

The USB functionality means that if you’re having a hard time getting up, or you want to nap for a few hours after dinner, you don’t have to struggle to find a charging port somewhere in your living room first. 

We were particularly fond of the simplicity of the remote for this product. You just need to press one button when you want to get up, and the other button when you want to lie down. There’s no complexity at all. 


  • Very simple functionality
  • Very comfortable design
  • Smooth rise and recline functions
  • USB charging port
  • Very sturdy


  • Delivery can take a while
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Missing some colour choices
Sleep Chairs

8. Fenetic Wellbeing Cullingworth

Finally, we come to one last option in our search for the perfect sleep chair. 

The Fenetic Wellbeing Cullingworth sleep chair recliner gives you a dual motor performance, so you can decide exactly how reclined you want to be. 

If you just want to pop your feet up when you’re watching the television with a relaxing cup of tea — you can do that. If you’d prefer to lie all the way down for a nice snooze, then the Cullingworth has you covered there too. 

Unlike many of the other products that we’ve covered with our sleep chair reviews so far, the Cullingworth comes with a fantastic five-year warranty. 

However, you’ll also be paying a lot more for this product than you would for most of the other recliner and riser chairs available too. This particular product comes with a price tag of just under £1,400. 

In exchange for that rather hefty cost, you get a fantastically well-made product, with high-quality materials, sourced and manufactured in the UK. You also get a chair that’s big enough for most people to use — even if you’re a little taller than most. 

Features include:

  • Easy rise and recline function
  • Simple and accessible remote control
  • Dual motor control
  • Excellent five-year warranty
  • Dedicated delivery with installation
  • USB charging port
  • LED lights

Similar to some other premium sleep chairs, the Cullingworth comes with a USB charging port on the arm of your chair, where you can keep your phone securely plugged in and powered up. 

There’s also helpful LED lighting to help you find your way if it gets dark when you’re sleeping. 

You can also expect a professional installation with this chair in 2 days or less. 


  • Quick and simple delivery and installation
  • Dual motor control for extra comfort
  • Easy-to-use 4 button handset
  • USB charging and LEDs included
  • Fantastic full recline and rise features


  • One of the most expensive products
  • Quite firm support

Do you need a sleep chair recliner?

Choosing the right chair to sleep in can be a complicated process. In many ways, it’s a lot like choosing a new bed. You need to know what kind of firmness and support level you need, as well as the extra features that might be essential to a good night’s sleep. 

Used correctly, the perfect sleep chair can help to soothe you into a restful slumber, just like an evening yoga session. You can choose the exact level of recline that you need, which could be perfect if you’re the kind of person who suffers from muscle and back pain. 

After all, when you’re lying fully flat on your bed, you do get some spine support. However, you might need a little more curvature to assist if you have lumbar and muscle problems in your back — as many elderly individuals do. 

Some people who use sleep chairs find that these devices are also beneficial for boosting respiratory function. The diaphragm has a much easier time contracting when it can take advantage of gravity. 

This means that you can take deeper breaths when you’re on a sleep chair, compared to when you’re lying in a bed. Some people who struggle with sleep apnea feel that they can get a much more relaxing evening of rest if they use a chair for sleep instead. 

Other benefits of learning how to sleep in a chair include:

  • Improved circulation: Gravity throughout the day causes blood to pool in the ankles and feet, causing swelling. A recliner will help to elevate your feet above your heart so that you can circulate your blood more easily. This can really help with people who suffer from circulation problems. Additionally, recliners can also be beneficial to preventing cardiac arrest. 
  • Alleviation from common ailments: The unique positions that you can access when sleeping in a sleep chair recliner can also eliminate common ailments. For instance, you can overcome problems with acid reflux, where stomach acid enters the oesophagus and causes heartburn. This often happens quite easily in a bed, particularly if you’ve eaten recently. However, sleeping in a recliner would force the acid to work against gravity to move up your body. 
  • Reduce stress: Stress is one of the most common things that prevents us from getting to sleep. Excess stress can also make any other ailments you have a lot worse. Due to the adjustable nature of recliners, you can find the ideal sleeping position in your perfect sleep chair. That makes it much easier for you to unwind.

How to choose the perfect sleep chair?

So, how do you choose the perfect sleep chair? Well, unless you’re located in the US, you can’t just select the product with the right name. As with most sleeping products, you’ll need to do your research to find the option that’s best suited for you. 

The Caesar from More4Homes is one of our favourite options for people who want convenience and comfort throughout the day. We love the fact that it comes with a rocking function to soothe you into a much-needed nap. Additionally, the drinks holder and newspaper section will come in handy too. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the ideal sleep chair recliner to help you overcome your everyday aches and pains, then we’d recommend looking at the EliteCare Hainworth. This fantastic rise and recline item come with an 8-stage massage function that you can control according to your unique needs, as well as a heating system built-in. 

For smaller users, the Pride C1 Petite riser offers a convenient and compact way to bring sleeping comfort into your living room. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury investment, the Fenetic Wellbeing Cullingworth is hard to beat. It even comes with USB charging for your phone, LED lights, and a five-year warranty. 

Which product seems like the ideal chair to sleep in for you? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out the other reviews that we have to offer here at Siestio. 

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