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What are the best earthing sheets? Do they help you sleep?

Could the best earthing sheets help you sleep? Earthing or “grounding” is a concept dating back a lot further than most people think.

Through an earthing blanket, or grounding mats, many holistic therapists believe you can rediscover your inner balance and enjoy a better quality of sleep. 

But how exactly do earthing sheets work?

We know contact with the natural world is a good thing for our mental and physical health. 

Breathing in the natural air helps us to break free from the stale atmosphere indoors. Hanging out in nature gives us a boost of serotonin, and vitamin D which reduces anxiety

If you’ve ever stood with your bare feet against the dirt in your garden and felt instantly more relaxed, then you may have an idea how earthing can help you to feel better too. 

Here’s your guide to the earthing blanket, and whether it might help you sleep. 

Our choice for the best earthing sheets are:

What are grounding sheets? The basics of earthing

Many holistic health professionals believe connecting your skin directly to the earth helps you to get back to nature in a way to improve your health. Basically, it’s like reconnecting to your roots, to neutralize the electrical charm running through your body. 

The theory of earthing believes negatively charged free electrons are all over the world, in the rivers, oceans, lightning, and rain. This means the earth is kind of like a huge battery, constantly being recharged at some point or another. At the same time, the human body has its own “charge”. A disconnect between your electric charge, and the charge of the earth can cause discomfort. 

To realign the charge, you sink your toes into the sand at your local beach or walk across your backyard.

When those activities aren’t a possibility, grounding sheets, or earthing blankets are a useful alternative.

There are tons of grounding mats available today, and each has its own unique design. Some of the best earthing sheets offer RF shielding and EMF protection. You can even get earthing bedding which helps to recenter you as you sleep.

How does an earthing blanket work?

An earthing sheet, or grounding mat replicates the direct contact you would have with the earth if you were standing on a patch of dirt or walking across the beach barefoot. An earthing blanket is designed to mimic the electrical current of the earth, creating biochemical reactions in the body. 

According to professionals, grounding mats create the electrical connection between your body and the earth, allowing electrons to flow from the earth, into your body. The result is a neutral electric charge – something that can apparently improve your state of wellbeing and health. 

Most humans spend the majority of their time indoors or wearing shoes which make it impossible for us to access the natural “charge” we need. Grounding sheets give us access to a crucial natural connection when we can’t get it by hanging out in our garden. 

Using earthing bedding could also improve your quality of sleep. In one review, a grounding matt used during sleep was able to significantly reduce stress levels in a patient. 

Mounting evidence is beginning to indicate grounding could have an impact on the way we sleep, our circadian rhythms, and even the secretion of hormones throughout the body. 

Some professionals also believe it’s even possible to use the best earthing sheets as a kind of anti-radiation blanket. These products help to re-align our electrical charges, so we’re less exposed to problems building from exposure to radio frequencies, and EMF. 

This is why many people recommend earthing blankets as part of a strategy for RF shielding and EMF protection. 

Using grounding mats for sleep

Studies into the impact of the earthing blanket EMF protection, RF shielding, and sleep support are still ongoing. Some preliminary reports suggest a ground therapy sleep mat could be effective in reducing the cortisol levels (stress levels) in the human body. The same report also indicates grounding assisted the patients in regulating their circadian rhythm. 

Research is gradually beginning to indicate grounding could be a valuable way of increasing overall health through both better sleep, and reduced inflammation. These studies further indicate use of earthing sheets could be helpful for tackling various conditions brought about by poor sleeping patterns, such as anxiety, depression, and stress. 

The researchers who do reveal positive associations between earthing bedding and sleep note grounding has a positive impact on every aspect of the sleeping process, including reducing morning fatigue, lowering feelings of pain and discomfort, and increasing levels of daytime energy. Participants in the study were even able to fall asleep faster than usual. 

Which are the best earthing sheets?

The best grounding sheets or earthing blanket for your need will depend on you. Some people prefer to use simple grounding mats on one side of the bed when they’re sleeping. Others like entire sets of earthing bedding which can replace their standard sheets. Here are a few options to consider.

Grounding Half Sheet with Cord

Designed from a high-quality organic cotton, this grounding sheet combines natural cotton with silver, for better conduction. The sheet is packed with crossing silver wires, which helps to strengthen the grounding function, and deliver faster results. 

All you need to do is place the sheet on your bed and lie down to enjoy the experience of recentering you’re your energy. You’ll need to connect a wire to the system, and sleep on the conductive side to see the results. Make sure you sleep with the black patch facing up, towards your body. 

Newbeau Therapy Grounding mat

Breathable and attractive, this earthing blanket from Newbeau features a highly conductive PU carbon leatherette finish. There are elastic straps included on the sheet to keep it fixed to your mattress when in use. You’ll also get a full 15-foot grounding cable, a color box, and a set of instructions for how to use your ground therapy sleep mat effectively. 

The guidelines included with this earthing blanket recommend using it for chronic pain, stress, sleep problems, and issues with your energy levels. According to the manufacturers, it can also help with reducing muscle tension and jet lag. Though a little more complicated to clean than your standard bedding, you can wipe the carbon-leather side with a cloth to remove any stains. Do not place this mat in the washing machine.

Earthing Grounding mat

Designed by one of the market leaders in the holistic health environment, the Earthing grounding mat is among the best earthing sheets available. This mat is only large enough for one person, but it comes as part of a full five-piece set to get you started. Along with your non-toxic mat, made with eco-friendly vegan leather PU resin, you also get a connecting plug for your grounding experience.

There’s an outlet checker included in the kit to ensure you’re using a grounded plug. Once you’re ready, you connect your mat into the safety adapter and snap it into the grounding mat. The kit also features an eBook “Earthing” by Clint Ober, to teach you more about how the process works. 

ATE Health Grounding Mat Kit

Another complete kit for anyone struggling with the basics of earthing, this grounding mat set is suitable for use either on your bed, or before you go to sleep. The mat features eco-friendly materials, including vegan leather infused with a special carbon pigment. 

Once you’re plugged in, you’re ready to step onto or sit on the mat to start the grounding process. There’s a user guide included with the mat, perfect for beginners. You’ll also get a “grounding bracelet”, included, and a 15-foot grounding cord with built-in 1000k OHMS resistor.

The Original Universal Grounding Kit

The original universal grounding kit promises to improve everything from your sleep quality to any issues you have with inflammation. The kit comes with a pack of two grounding sheets, so you can experience the results with your partner. The two mats also come with two coil cords, which measure up to 15 feet each, and two safety adapters. 

The outlet checker will ensure your outlet is grounded before you plug the mat in. Once you’re connected, you simply sit, or stand on the mat to feel the grounding process commence. The set includes a full book about grounding mats too. 

Using the best grounding sheets

The good news is, if you’re thinking of investing in the best earthing sheets, is they’re easy to use. There’s no real downside to experimenting with earthing unless you’re asked to do so by a medical professional. An earthing blanket can be an affordable and easy-to-use solution for anyone suffering from issues like stress, chronic insomnia, or pain. 

All of the grounding mats mentioned above, and many of the other grounding blanket options on the market will come with a full set of instructions to show you how to get started. 

Typically, all you need to do is attach the cord according to the instructions, lay out the blanket, and relax. As long as your skin is touching the earthing sheet (with nothing in between), the process should begin naturally. 

If you are using one of the grounding sheets available which connects to your outlet, do make sure that you check the grounding of the outlet before you start. 

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