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Crystals for lucid dreaming: What are dream crystals?

Could crystals for lucid dreaming be the key to creating the kind of amazing dreams you’ve been hoping for? Speak to people who believe in the healing power of crystals, and they’ll tell you they can help with everything from nightmares to insomnia – but what about lucid dreams? 

Lucid dreaming is a unique kind of dreaming. When dreaming you recognize your state (as being asleep) and use your semi-conscious control to take over the dream. With lucid dreaming, you can explore things that scare you in a safe space or unlock incredible new levels of confidence.

Lucid dreaming, however, doesn’t come easily to everyone. For some, it requires the use of specific sleep cycles and practices, like waking up regularly and practicing “recognizing reality”. 

But what if crystals could help you achieve your lucid dreaming goals? Read on to find out about the best dream crystals, crystals for good dreams and which to put under your pillow…

Crystals for dreaming: Why use crystals to lucid dream?

Dream crystals aren’t a new concept in the holistic wellbeing and therapeutic world. Many people tend to seek out crystals to help them get to sleep or overcome bad dreams. 

Lucid dreaming isn’t something everyone will want to do on a regular basis – but many people believe this form of dreaming can be extremely beneficial in the right circumstances. 

Certain therapeutic methods encourage lucid dreaming for dealing with phobias, or improving the performance of cognitive behavioral therapy

Crystals for dreaming, according to advocates, can help those who struggle with lucid dreaming to unlock a new kind of mental state, between waking and sleeping. 

Therapists using crystals for treatment say certain types of crystal, like crystals for vivid dreams, can help to encourage REM (rapid eye movement). This is when lucid dreaming is most likely to occur. 

Of course, it’s worth noting there’s often more to mastering lucid dreaming than figuring out which crystals to put under your pillow. You’ll also need to practice a number of strategies to help train your brain, and practice good sleep hygiene. However, dream crystals may increase the frequency of lucid dreams in various ways, such as:

  • Energy balance: Experts in crystal therapy suggest certain crystals influence the flow of energy in the body, which could impact your sleeping experience. 

  • Repetition: The act of placing a crystal under your pillow reminds you you’re attempting to lucid dream, which can help to place your mind in the right place for lucid dreaming.

  • Memory: Touching a crystal during your sleep could be enough to trigger your mind into remembering you’re dreaming, which starts the lucid experience.

What are the best crystals for dreaming?

There are various crystals for good dreams recommended for the management of insomnia, nightmares, and poor sleeping patterns. In fact, reports of people using certain dream crystals date back thousands of years. So, which are the best crystal for vivid dreams and lucid dreaming?

  1. Rainbow moonstone

Better known as white labradorite, rainbow moonstone is a stunning gem. Often milky white in color, with elements of gold, peach, blue, gold, and black threaded throughout, Rainbow moonstone lives up to its name. The serene energy is said to help encourage deep sleep and assist with establishing a good sleep pattern.

Moonstone is often used by practitioners to help individuals become more aware of their unconscious minds. Experts recommend placing rainbow moonstone under your pillow during the new or full moon for the best chances of success. 

Apparently, using this crystal regularly will help to open your consciousness and your mind. It will also deflect the negative energy, which might otherwise turn your dream into a negative experience.

One of the better known crystals for dreaming, creativity, and stress reduction. Amethyst can help with a range of sleep issues. According to crystal experts, Amethyst helps with meditation, as it can open both your third eye and crown chakras – both crucial for lucid dreams. 

This spiritual crystal is ideal for calming the mind and enhancing your mental functioning. Apparently, Amethyst can assist with opening your channels to telepathy, and clairvoyance too. 

Holding an amethyst or placing one under your pillow before bed can also help you to relax, which gets you into a better position for sleep and dilutes the risk of nightmares. 

If you struggle with racing thoughts before bed, try a little meditation with your amethyst before you drift off into a peaceful slumber. 

Sometimes called the extra-terrestrial stone, Moldavite is a very interesting crystal gaining significant attention in recent years. The beautiful olive-green color of this crystal, combined with its apparent ability to incite significant change, makes it a great tool for lucid dreaming. However, it’s important to be aware of the physical side effects some people have to Moldavite

Best-suited to people who have used crystals for various purposes before, this crystal can assist in elevating your mind and opening your consciousness. It’s also an energy amplifier, so it can be ideal to use alongside other dream crystals for lucid dreaming. 

If you’re a highly spiritual person, Moldavite may help you to channel this into your lucid dreams, and improve dream recall, which is useful for lucid dreaming. 

A popular crystal for many purposes, clear quartz is a purifying and conductive crystal. Holding onto a crystal like this when you sleep or placing it underneath your pillow at night should help you to maintain an element of consciousness, while you rest. According to fans of dream crystals, clear quartz is also excellent for protecting dreamers against negative energy. 

Simultaneously giving you the strength you need to take control of your mind, clear quartz carries a unique high vibration, which is ideal for dispersing worries before you go to sleep. One of the best crystals for good dreams. If this stone doesn’t help with your lucid dreaming, it should at least help with avoiding bad dreams. 

Herkimer diamond is a kind of quartz stone, sometimes considered to be the most powerful in the quartz family. This highly spiritual stone is excellent for amplifying your internal energy. If you otherwise struggle to receive spiritual energy, this could be one of the best dream crystals for you.

Many individuals attempting to induce their own lucid dreams in the past have said the Herkimer diamond can be extremely useful. It also helps you to see life more positively, and improve your overall outlook. When you have a positive mindset, you can open yourself up to new opportunities more easily.

Some experts in the holistic world believe negative energy holds you back from various spiritual activities, such as astral travel. 

Apatite is a powerful meditation tool, and a crystal designed to improve psychic awareness. According to crystal experts, this stone is ideal for clearing the aura, enabling spiritual attunement, and bringing powerful psychic awareness. Apatite is also very successful at helping to encourage lucid dreaming, by helping to make you aware of your own mind.

In the past, Apatite has been used for everything from rediscovering inner wisdom to astral travel. This stone promotes psychic communication, clairvoyance, and even clairaudience, according to some professionals. For people who really want to break through to the other side, it’s recommended to place this stone over the third eye chakra between your eyebrows. 

Since it’s hard to maintain this position with a crystal when you’re sleeping, you can also simply hold the stone in your palm or place it underneath your pillow. 

Crystals to put under your pillow for lucid dreaming

For people who already have a history with meditation and crystals, tapping into the power of dream crystals can be one of the best ways to improve your chances of lucid dreaming

Even if you don’t believe crystals can actually influence your dreams on an energy level, it’s worth noting the repetitive and habitual aspect of using a crystal can help to improve your sleep hygiene. As a result you’ll get into the mind frame required for certain dreams. 

Learning how to realize when you’re in a dream can definitely take time. However, taking various steps to improve your chances can definitely speed things along. 

Make sure you’re still following the basic guidelines for good sleep hygiene, like going to bed in a cool place, and waking at the same time each day. This will help your crystals for dreaming to be more effective. 

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