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Dodow Sleep Device Review

Dodow sleep device review: The magic of metronomes

Should you consider the Dodow sleep device to improve your sleep?

Release Date
June 2016

Do you spend most of your nights staring at the ceiling, wishing that you could just fall asleep? You’re not alone.

Around a third of British adults experience the same issues with insomnia.

The good news is that you might be able to improve your sleeping patterns by staring at the blue light from the Dodow sleep device instead.

The Dodow sleep aid is a small plastic dome that you can keep on your bedside table, just like your alarm clock.

According to the manufacturers, it tackles the problem of insomnia by projecting a blue ring onto the ceiling that gradually expands and retracts, just like the machine is breathing.

Watching this light is similar to a metronome effect, which allows you to synchronise your breathing to a pattern that’s conducive to better sleep. 

How does Dodow work?

Although we all know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to our health and wellbeing, falling asleep each night isn’t easy.

There are various reasons why you might have problems drifting off, including stress, anxiety, or even the fact that you downed an extra cup of coffee today.

Whatever the cause of your problems with sleep, the Dodow sleep aid device is here to help. Unlike other tech tools intended to help you improve your sleep, Dodow doesn’t require a lot of extensive set-up.

All you need to do is cast a blue light onto your ceiling before you sleep. As the light expands, you inhale, then you exhale as the light contracts.

The idea is that you can focus your breathing on a steady rhythm, bringing your body back into a natural alignment. This slows down both your breath and your heart rate, for a better chance of a good night’s sleep.

The device also has two settings you can choose from, which allow you to determine how long your “meditation” sessions should be.

Dodow Sleep Device Review

Dodow review: Construction and design

The physical design of the Dodow sleep aid is nice enough. It’s a small, plastic oval, measuring in at around 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches. In other words, you shouldn’t have trouble finding space on your bedside table for it.

The unit only weighs about 7 ounces too, so it’s very portable.

The great thing about the Dodow’s design is that it’s not distracting. As a sleep aid, it runs entirely silently at all points of operation. The tap-sensitive surface means that the entire unit acts as a giant button so that you can turn it on and off with one tap.

Once you’ve got your Dodow setup, tap it once for an 8-minute cycle, or tap it twice for a 20-minute period. It’s that simple.

The simplicity of the tool means that you don’t even need a Dodow sleep app. What’s more, the product is robust enough to survive if you accidentally knock it off your nightstand.

Although you’ll need to do your best to take care of it — the unit won’t withstand everything.

Just keep in mind that the instructions are in French because the device comes from France. Fortunately, you can find tools and videos online to help you get started.

Dodow review: Battery life

If you’re worried about the impact an electronic metronome will have on your monthly energy usage, you’ll be pleased to know that the Dodow operates using 3 AAA batteries. This means that there’s no need for extra wires around your bedside.

On the other hand, it also means regularly investing in batteries, or paying for rechargeable models.

The good news is that the Dodow sleep device doesn’t consume too much energy at once. If you’re using the eight-minute cycle each night, you should get through several months before you have to swap your batteries out.

Unfortunately, there’s no low-energy indicator on the unit, so you’ll have to always have a fresh pack on hand just in case your batteries die one night.

The LEDs do start to dim slightly when they’re running out of battery, so you might be able to predict the impending need to change your power source.

Dodow Sleep Device Review

Does Dodow really work?

When it comes to reading through Dodow reviews, the chances are that your biggest concern will be whether the Dodow sleep aid works.

Unfortunately, there’s no clinical sleep trial proving the performance of this device. That means that you’re just going to have to take the word of other customers.

There’s no one-size-fits-all sleep aid out there. People who struggle with sleep because of tinnitus, for instance, might not benefit from the Dodow sleep device. However, they could get better results using a white noise machine.

On the other hand, if your sleep problems are caused because you can’t shut down and relax each night, then the Dodow is an excellent choice.

Ultimately, it’s an easy-to-use tool that helps you to practice a kind of guided meditation each night when you want to drift off to sleep.

Although there’s no research into the Dodow sleep aid specifically, there are plenty of studies out there that suggest guided meditation and focused breathing can be great for encouraging sleep.

There’s a reason why meditation apps are so popular in the current marketplace, after all.

Dodow review: Verdict

So, should you consider using the Dodow sleep device to improve your sleeping patterns? Well, if you find that you regularly struggle with stress and issues regarding relaxation when you go to bed, the answer may be “yes.”

Ultimately, the Dodow isn’t going to knock you out like a sleeping pill. However, it will give you a process that you can use to slow your breathing and heart-rate, so you’re prepared for a better night of sleep.

Dodow Sleep Device Review
If you're anxious about work, relationships, or other parts of your life, focusing on the bright blue light on your ceiling and syncing your breathing to its movements will help to keep your mind occupied. The Dodow sleep aid device makes sure that you concentrate on relaxing your body, rather than just obsessing over what happened yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow.
Unique metronome design that uses light instead of sound to soothe you to sleep
Easy to set up and use with just one or two taps
Lightweight enough to carry with you on the go
Robust design means that it doesn't break easily
Choose your own session duration depending on how much meditation you need
No need to download any apps or extra software to use with the metronome
Works more with relaxation-based insomnia issues, than medical conditions
Some customers might struggle with the touch-based interface at first
Following the instructions can be difficult as they're in French

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